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Footbridges for Berlin

Design a footbridge for Berlin; the city is short of footbridges and yet has so many rivers and other interesting sites that are crying out for a bridge. Working with the Berlin Bridge Department we have identified six central locations that are typical of Berlin, and where footbridges are needed.

The idea is that you choose one site and present as a “paper” your design for this specific site; i.e. you submit an interesting idea for a footbridge on three A4 pages only.

This is not a design competition and the city has no immediate intention to build any! So why go through the effort? The reward will be a book documenting all interesting bridges for the six locations and its working title will be "the world´s footbridges for Berlin". These special conference proceedings will be a precious collection of ideas from leading experts in the field and your bridge can be part of it. Your proposals will also be presented and discussed among the participants during the conference. When you present your bridge, tell us the story of how you came up with the idea, enter into discussions with colleagues from all over the world, educate the young and learn from the more experienced.

Cultivate Debate

Tell us stories about a design of yours or the concepts, ideas, challenges behind a new material, an algorithm or a construction sequence you have used. Explain from whom or what you have learned or enter into a discourse about your own work or that of others. Structural and civil engineers in particular are not experienced in discussing their work, in participating in critique without offending, in consciously entering debate on their design ideas, in defending them or arguing the case of others. Write a paper about such issues; inspire us by telling your story.

Dynamics and Innovation

In the late 1990s some well-known pedestrian bridges suffered from excessive excitation and no immediate solutions were available. Research on pedestrian-induced vibrations rapidly became a hot topic in the engineering community and a main theme for footbridge 2002 in Paris. Even now it is a subject of great importance and we are looking forward to interesting research papers on dynamics issues such as identification of vibrations and dealing with them. Other contributions on innovations in the field of footbridges are welcome.

Keynote lectures


6 Locations


The Brommy Bridge was built in 1909 and demolished in 1945. It is bridging the river „Spree“ between the downtown districts Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain and is close to the Berlin Wall (East Side Gallery).


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Location at the entrance of the future city quarter „Europacity“, bridging several train tracks, located close to Berlin Central Station.


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Situated in Berlin´s new highrise area „Potsdamer Platz“, the bridge for this site should connect the two inner city parks „Tilla Durieux“ and the „park at Gleisdreieck“ over the ship canal „Landwehrkanal“.


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The location of this bridge family is at the confluence of the river „Spree“ and the ship canal „Landwehrkanal“ connecting the downtown districts Charlottenburg and Moabit.


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Spandau Citadel

This bridge family is located 20 minutes outside of Berlin in the district Spandau close to the historic monument Spandau Citadel.


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The Waisen Bridge in downtown Berlin is one of the oldest bridge sites in Berlin. All former bridges from medieval times until its last design as an arched stone bridge in 1894 have been destroyed.


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